For Overseas Visitors

Terms and Conditions for Visitors

Visitors are those who are not the member of the officially invited groups and wish to participate as individuals in “The World Festival of Children’s Performing Arts in Toyama, 2022” to be held between July 30 and August 3, 2022 (5 days). Terms and Conditions for Visitors are as follows;

  1. Visitors are required to bear their international flights expenses between their countries and one of the International Airports in Japan. The flights must be arranged by themselves.
  2. Visitors are to obtain their visa by themselves in order to stay in Japan, if necessary.
  3. Transportation between the International Airport in Japan to Toyama may be provided only when Visitors are able to arrive on the requested day, time and place. There will be special bus services running for the officially invited groups so they might join one of these. In that case, they need to inform the Executive Committee of the Festival (hereafter “the Executive Committee”) before they come to Japan. Specific date could be informed later when schedules of those invited groups are decided. Please note that to get Toyama from Airports in Tokyo by bus, for instance, takes approximately 8 hours.
    Visitors are required to manage to come to Toyama by themselves if they cannot use these special bus services provided by the Executive Committee. Needless to say, Visitors are to bear all their expenses on their travel. The same applies to their return journey.
  4. Visitors are expected to attend all the performances, workshops and seminars programmed during the Festival. There are no admission fees charged for Visitors. They are advised to take bus services provided for the officially invited groups to reach some of the venues.
  5. During their stay in Toyama, Visitors are to cover $85US Dollars (Standard hotel) or 125US Dollars (High standard hotel): eighty five US Dollars or one hundred twenty five US Dollars per person per day for bed and board (3 meals a day)

    Fees are to be paid in cash only: Japanese Yen, US Dollars or Euro on Visitors’ arrival in Toyama for their registration. Exchange rates of 29 July 2022 will be applied.

    Visitors’ stay in Toyama begins from the day before the Festival’s opening, 29 July 2022 and ends in the morning of 4 August 2022, the next day of the Festival’s closing.
  6. Requests from the Executive Committee should be responded promptly.
  7. Visitor Registration Form should be signed and submitted to the Executive Committee no later than April 30, 2022.

The Executive Committee of
The World Festival of Children’s Performing Arts in Toyama
President Akira KINOSHITA



  1. ビジターはフェスティバルの全ての公演とワークショップに参加することが望ましい。
  2. 富山滞在中は団体と共にビジネスクラスのホテルに宿泊し、1泊12.000円を食費(1日3食)および宿泊費として申し受ける。
  3. ビジターとしての富山滞在はフェスティバル開催前日7月29日からスタートし、フェスティバル閉会翌朝、8月4日までできる。
  4. 実行委員会からのリクエストには敏速に対応する。
  5. ビジター登録用紙に署名し、2022年4月30日まで実行委員会まで提出すること。

会長 木下 晶

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The Executive Committee of The World Festival
of Children's Performing Arts in Toyama

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